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Hermh - [2008] After the Fire - Ashes

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1 Hermh - [2008] After the Fire - Ashes el Jue Jul 03, 2008 8:04 pm



Artist: Hermh
Album: After The Fire - Ashes
Year: 2008
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Witching Hour / Pagan Records n/a
Source: CDDA 01-07-2008
Size: 64,0 MB
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy V0.95 beta 4
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo


01. Purgatory 01:29
02. Hermetic 04:44
03. Crownnymph 05:09
04. Wolfish Flower 02:56
05. Black Metal 03:15
06. Red Blood Running 03:48
07. Septu Annu - Theory of Nature (live) 07:27
08. Back From Divine (live) 04:03
09. Fear of Blood (live) 05:53
10. Vampyronium (live) 04:30

Release Notes:

One of the very best Polish black metal bands
This special mid price CD features five studio
tracks (recorded at Hertz), including Venom's
cover, special remix of "Eden's Fire" track "Red
Blood Running" plus four live songs. Bombastic
black metal with killer production, outstanding
atmosphere and audibly evil songs

"Red Blood Running" remixed by RED EMPREZ

Limited to 666 copies ?ymtyzdn4dlm
unlock: Atreides

2 Re: Hermh - [2008] After the Fire - Ashes el Mar Ago 12, 2008 6:05 pm

Hell Commander

Rockero Aprendiz
Rockero Aprendiz
vale te pasate...bajando Smile

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